Anthony romeo santos dating

In 2002, the song Obsesión ranked # 1 in Italy for 16 consecutive weeks.

After releasing several albums with Aventura, the group went its separate ways.

Before the success of Aventura, Santos founded a group called "Los Tinellers" ("The Teenagers" written phonetically in a Dominican pronunciation), with his three cousins Henry, Max and Lenny in the early 1990s.

The group released an album called Trampa de Amor, and by the end of the decade, they changed the name of the band to Aventura.

It is well known that Romeo’s idol in bachata is Antony “El Mayimbe” Santos.

However, his fascination with the art of the popular song commenced when he discovered the likes of Camilo Sesto, Manuel Alejandro, Juan Gabriel, Omar Alfano, and – of course – Juan Luis Guerra.

The group's love songs, such as “Corazoncito” and “Perdedor,” have made Aventura especially popular with young female listeners.

While most 13 year-old boys were out chasing girls and shooting hoops, Romeo opted to stay home, penning his first songs.If it's luxury you're after, Burberry have a dainty pick and it's almost half the price of Irina's too! Or opt for a major bargain with the dresses by Glamorous, True Decadence and Fashion Union.singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and former lead vocalist of the American bachata group Aventura.Sadly, the dress is nearly sold out, but there are a couple left, so click right to see if you're in luck.If you've missed the boat with Irina's do not fear, as this is a popular style and there are plenty of similar dresses up for grabs.Romeo Santos, the main singer and songwriter in top New York-based Bachata music group Aventura, is bringing his first solo tour to San Diego. Santos San Diego concert does not yet appear on the web site for Valley View Casino Center or on the Ticketmaster web site, although that will presumably soon change.


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