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provides a mechanism for defining your own HTML elements with custom reaction callbacks to respond to changes in values.

Combined with the slot-based shadow DOM API introduced last year, Custom Elements makes it possible to create reusable components. When the pointer is locked, users will see a banner explaining that the mouse cursor is hidden, and that they can get out of pointer lock by pressing the Escape key.

Eight years later, in 2000, Scalia reprised the role of Bonetti in a revival of the series, which was filmed and aired in Italy.

makes it easier to create forms with validation constraints that automatically validate user data when the form is submitted.

This feature helps you communicate what kind of data your form needs, and helps users understand how to enter correct information., so you can create complex layouts that respond to viewport constraints.

Parking lots can be put to better use through temporary conversion into a productive space, like a public market.

The city of San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks Program, for example, retrofits parking spaces into public spaces.


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