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It was said Prince referred to the early morning mist mixed with the purple color of the sky as purple rain.Said that he believes this is what the beautiful afterworld will consist of, or at least a portion of it. Never wanted you to be a weekend lover - referencing the Christians who demonstrate their love for Jesus only during weekend masses.They're the people who knock on your door and try to convert you. For example, "I would die 4 u" is about Christ the Messiah.Purple is the color of Lent, the period leading up to Easter, where Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead.To prevent that, send him off with a spicier good-bye now and then.Although your man is speaking English, sometimes it seems like he is speaking a foreign language.Please bear in mind that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest.

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When a guy suggests hanging out, he’s actually trying to gauge your interest.

One that sounds a lot like English but has subtle nuances that leave you scratching your head.

Let’s call this secret guy language “manspeak.” Men don’t always say what they mean and sometimes they say what they mean, but women misinterpret it.

He’s too chicken to ask you out on a real date and face the possibility of rejection.

Will You Find True Love If You Kiss Dating Goodbye?


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