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When searching for the brand name of your instrument, keep in mind that the actual manufacturer's name generally appears inside the instrument, and can sometimes be different than the name that appears on the front of the instrument near the keyboard.

and we will gladly assist you in determining the age of your instrument.

The coroner is now hoping to find out where it was between 19, appealing for information from people from the Essex area.

Ellery has deferred the conclusion of the inquest to allow more time for anyone with information to come forward.

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Also, if a piano has ever been nonprofessionally stripped or refinished, chances are that the original name decal above the keyboard was removed with the old finish (these name decals are replaced when professionally refinished).

The oldest coin in the hoard dates back to 1847, and bears the face of Queen Victoria.

Shrewsbury Coroner’s Court, which also deals with the valuation of treasure, heard senior coroner John Ellery describe the piano’s origins.

He explained that the piano was made by Broadwood & Sons in London, and initially sold to Messrs Beavan and Mothersole from Saffron Walden in Essex in 1906.

However, its ownership from then until 1983 – when it was bought by a family in that area who later moved to Shropshire – remains unknown.


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