Ghanaian dating russian

After the death of my parent i met a guy called Lawrence in Washington though he's from nigeria in africa, he came for a degree in the state when.i fell in love with him and when he returned to his country he asked me to come see him so i gathered some money and got myself a round trip ticket,when i got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries now the hotel manager am staying siezed my return ticket cuz am owing some money,so i'll like you to help me with the bills so i can get back my ticket and get home,i promise you'll never regret u did.

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The scam usually ends when the victim realizes they are being scammed or stops sending money.

Victims can be highly traumatized by this and are often very embarrassed and ashamed when they learn they have become a victim of a scam and that the romance was a farce.

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