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“When I started the show [Supernatural] I was 22 years old, I was a single guy, kind of doing my thing.

Now I’m 12 years older, I’m a father of two now, about to be a father of three in March,” Padalecki told Kelly and guest host Richard Curtis, as Cortese beamed from the audience.“She came on set and it was season 4, which was eight years ago.

He heard his name, but they were both talking and he wasn’t sure who said it, and there was a wet patter of feet on concrete and then he was alone.

I thought she was cute and smart, and I remember she would always read books.

And one of my pet peeves is when somebody interrupts me when I’m reading — like I kind of get the shakes.

At five years old, Jensen Ackles is uprooted and forced to move to Texas to live with his mother's new husband and his daughter, Genevieve.

Jensen isn't all that excited about having a brand new little sister to worry about, but once he meets her, he immediately becomes devoted.


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