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"But when I arrived I realized it was a 'casa.'" 'Casa' is a code word for brothel in the Philippines. They often leave their homes and villages in the provinces, seeking opportunities to support their families.

The traffickers are adept at convincing them to travel with them.

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Some people think of cyber sex as watching and or being watched via live video through the internet.

Jeffrey Herschell, 54, of Washington was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on Tuesday after the brave girls described the horror they were made to endure from the age of eight to a CNN film crew, then to U. According to the disturbing documentary, customers on the other side of the sex chat room paid an hour to tell the girls what to do and the camera man would ensure the girls followed the, often freaky, orders.

documentary on sex trafficking have helped to convict a Pennsylvania child pornographer who forced them to act out his disturbing sexual fantasies live through the internet. The shocking details led Homeland Security Investigations agents to Herschell's Pennsylvania home in 2011 where they found computers, cell phones and hard drives containing dozens of explicit videos and images of children.

Oebanda speaks before the Philippine Senate during deliberations about the Magna Carta on Domestic Workers in 2002. When I got there, I found 16 girls staying in the same small place. Maria was trapped and forced to have sex with a number of foreign and Filipino men.

The legislation was designed to improve conditions for domestic workers in the country. Although she was there for only a few weeks before the Filipino police raided the apartment and freed her and the others, the damage had been done. Her captors forced her to go to extreme lengths to deceive them into thinking she was a virgin in order to command higher prices.

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