Sexy dorm video chat

So they have done some thinking in the past Around this type of product. Let me know on Twitter @Brian Tong or email me at [email protected], and I'll see what you guys have to say.

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The It’s On Us campaign is an initiative of the Obama administration that targets college campuses across the country.And we saw what happened with Google Glass but that was a 00 beta product and we know Apple will handle everything in house and behind the scenes until they feel it's ready or they just scrap it. But Apple recently received a patent for a VR headset similar to the Gear VR, they have a patent for a delivery system to glasses.Now Tim Cook has commented multiple times about Apple's belief in augmented reality that allows people to still share moments compared to the more isolated, virtual reality. We also know the i Phone is their bread and butter, and they're trying to build another device in addition to the Apple watch that is part of this i Phone ecosystem. From 2012 and Apple also has a patent for a glasses type product referred to Life Stream in January 2015 with the intentions to collect notes, recordings and annotation data elements. Every dance off and prank gets you one step closer to becoming the most popular student on campus. Get ready for the largest online party you've seen since moving out of your parents' basement.Now the report says they are in the exploration phase for a pair of glasses that would wirelessly connect to the i Phone, show images and other information in the wearer's field of vision.


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