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These bills are part of a documented political strategy used by forced vaccination supporters to instigate a hostile community environment against those using exemptions to lead to the removal of vaccine exemptions.“Immunization supporters thus could do more to highlight the sympathetic figures on their side, such as immune-compromised children who rely on herd immunity, or unvaccinated people who contracted vaccine-preventable diseases and regret not being vaccinated…”For example, a bill could require that schools and day care centers publicly post or distribute to parents the percentage of students with vaccine exemptions or the percentage of staff who have received a flu shot or whooping cough booster, as news coverage of disease outbreaks has raised public awareness about the unvaccinated.Although these numbers already have been collected, their public release would generate the news coverage and scrutiny that have proved helpful in the West Coast’s legislative changes.These days, there are usually no reported cases in a year. For the first five years of the 1940s, there were a million cases of whooping cough.When a vaccine was introduced at the end of that decade, the number of cases fell to 15,000 by 1960 — and 1,700 by 1980.“I believe it’s a perfectly appropriate role for the government — this happens by and large at the state government level, because they’re the ones that have the public health responsibility — to determine whether or not immunizations are required for a community population,” Price said, “whether it’s growing kids or the like or whether there’s an outbreak of a particular infectious disease, whether or not an immunization ought to be required or be able to be utilized.” While states are already in charge of immunization policy — and they require certain vaccines — Price’s less-than-rousing endorsement of mandatory immunization threatens his organization’s mission. “Herd immunity.” Immunizations protect individuals from becoming sick, sure, but if you immunize enough of the population, you can prevent rampant outbreaks from getting a toehold in the first place.We can illustrate this easily, using this animated image as inspiration.

They say state records show it is already achieving measurable results in raising the number of vaccinated children. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, said California’s lenient vaccine rules were the problem.

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And an East Bay mom is considering going to an “underground network” of doctors to get a medical exemption for her 3 1/2-year-old son from a new law requiring nearly all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated — regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs.

(e) Incentives to public health authorities to design innovative and creative programs that will promote and achieve full and timely immunization of children.

(d) For the keeping of adequate records of immunization so that health departments, schools, and other institutions, parents or guardians, and the persons immunized will be able to ascertain that a child is fully or only partially immunized, and so that appropriate public agencies will be able to ascertain the immunization needs of groups of children in schools or other institutions.


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