Tree ring growth dating

The older parts of the chronology come from dead wood found lying on the ground near the living trees.

This means that some pieces of wood in the earliest part of the chronology would have had to lie around on the ground for more than 7,000 years!

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This video shows some examples of crows' abilities in problem solving.

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They don’t hang from the tail though as many people believe.

Many people say that this particular species of Lemur reminds them of a raccoon due to the coloring. They also have as small nose and ears that are small and round. There isn’t much at all known about the evolution of the Ring-Tailed Lemur.

It may be that these exceptionally harsh growing conditions are the key to understanding why some of these Bristlecone Pines have so many rings that they appear to live about ten times longer than BCPs which are growing in comparatively good conditions!

Perhaps the best evidence that some BCPs can grow multiple rings per year is the fact that it has already been demonstrated.


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