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However, if you were so inclined, you could turn the tools against another person’s Wi-Fi network and try to gain access with the tools.You will need a fair amount of hacking and programming skills to pull it off, but it is possible if you are so inclined to do so.Aircrack-ng allows you to asses the security of your Wi-Fi network with its suite of tools.

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If you have several scanning programs, you probably also have several copies of the OUI database.Among these tools, one that stands out is Aircrack-ng.It’s an open source utility, freely available for use, and is very popular equally among crackers and Wi-Fi penetration testers/auditors alike.It is the most comprehensive toolkit for troubleshooting and auditing Wi-Fi networks, and covers the earlier as well as the latest-known Wi-Fi exploits and vulnerabilities.In this article series, we will look at a tool named Wifite suitable for automated auditing of wireless networks.On my Mac Book, for example, the MAC address of the ethernet adapter starts with : E3, and VMWare’s virtual interface starts with .


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