Updating software on verizon lg voyager

The Voyager has a 2.0-megapixel digital camera and camcorder, an external micro SDHC slot for up to 8 GB of external storage, a USB connector, and stereo Bluetooth capability.The phone's battery is removable, and can be replaced with an extended battery to increase talk and standby time.

Other notables over the i Phone is the removable battery and included turn-by-turn GPS. Update: Release info, details and arrival date here.

“While some of Voyager’s borrowed looks make you think i Phone, it’s an entirely different device. There are no PDA functions such as document creation, email program or desktop syncing.

In fact, the menu system is exactly the same as you’ll find on many of Verizon’s music phones.” “The Voyager is probably the best illustration yet of Verizon’s fundamentally flawed wireless strategy.

The LG Voyager VX10000 (VX10k) is the successor of the en V VX9900, upgrading it with huge (additional) external touch-sensitive display with 240x400 pixels resolution and only three hardware keys on the front, reminding of the LG PRADA.

It is a clamshell that opens in landscape orientation to reveal another big landscape internal display (again 400x240), stereo speakers and QWERTY for messaging.


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