Updating your nim base os

Well, it’s not same; I’m building a new operating system to experiment, and this refuels me with the passion to the field.

Here are my progress and some impressions of Rust after a month of development (the code is here). It has an extremely great type system, especially effects system, so I thought it would be interesting to apply it to operating system development.

The user arguments are appended to x CAT.s default kernel arguments.I’ve been developing embedded operating systems for living for a couple of years now. I got tired of work, all the bureaucracy, hard to debug issues, a zillion of low-level details; I wasn’t even sure I want to continue work in the field, so I started a side project.It may come as a surprise I started yet another operating system when the same thing led me to this.It's why I usually like using Python to punch out algorithms.Another benefit of scripting environments is you can also "live code," or "hot load," source into a program while it is already running.Installing Nim is straightforward, you can follow the official instructions. On other operating systems you can run the script to compile the generated C code, which should take less than 1 minute on a modern system.


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