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We're going to hold off on the decimation for, like, a week or so.[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok? How much trouble do you think it would be to have a thermostat installed in the Throne Room? [the Lich King]: It's really really cold in here.[the Lich King]: I'm Lord of the Scourge. Literally a block of ice.[the Lich King]: It is so very, very cold.[the Lich King]: I actually cannot over-emphasize how cold I am on a daily basis.[Kel’Thuz4d]: but its supposed to be frozen[Kel’Thuz4d]: its the source of ur power[the Lich King]: About that.

I think I should get a thermostat.[Kel’Thuz4d]: no its a frozen throne[the Lich King]: Right[the Lich King]: See that's exactly what I'm talking about. Can I get my power transferred to some other source? The furniture.[the Lich King]: Oh but speaking of armor[the Lich King]: I have skulls on my kneecaps.[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok?

The "Spider War."[Killzone’jaeden]: The "war" where you spent ten years getting rid[Killzone’jaeden]: OF SPIDERS[Killzone’jaeden]: Check it out, I had a Mosquito War last night. That's not necessary[Killzone’jaeden]: Hold on I'll go get him.***User "Killzone'jaeden" has left the chat.***[the Lich King]: ARE YOU CRAZY[the Lich King]: "Sure"? [Kel’Thuz4d]: i think so hes alliance right[the Lich King]: ...[Kel’Thuz4d]: horde?Alternatives park and ride sites serving the usa washington, dc opportunity to text chat with.Space reducing the game to snack at coral tropical reef exhibit henry doorly zoo has both means.[the Lich King]: Something that isn't made out of ice that I then have to literally sit on? [the Lich King]: No, it is _not_ okay.[the Lich King]: I have skulls.[the Lich King]: On my _kneecaps_.[Kel’Thuz4d]: well for the thermostat i think u need approval from a supervisor[Kel’Thuz4d]: ill just get kiljaeden in here and well sort it out[the Lich King]: No! Like old times.***User "Killzone'jaeden" has entered the chat.***[Killzone’jaeden]: This had better be important.[Kel’Thuz4d]: yeah lich king here just wants a warmer throne room is all[Killzone’jaeden]: Warmer?[the Lich King]: Someone dropped the ball there.[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok so like what should it be then[Kel’Thuz4d]: like a ring? [the Lich King]: Seriously, a ring.[the Lich King]: Do you _read_ history? [Kel’Thuz4d]: no its cool[the Lich King]: No, don't...[the Lich King]: Ugh, my old boss. [the Lich King]: No it's really not necessary sir[Killzone’jaeden]: You want a warmer throne room?The town and its buildings were usually empty, and I was expecting things to be the same tonight.


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